[TxMt] Open in BBEdit

Nevan King nevan.ml at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 04:57:53 UTC 2008

Here's a quick Textmate command I made to open the file you're working
on in BBEdit:


# Open the current file in BBEdit

I created it as a command, with options "Save current file", Input:
"Entire Document" Output: "Discard" and I added the F8 shortcut
I put this in the scope selector:
source.php, source.css, string, text.html, text.csv, text.plain

I made it after Maarten Sneep made an "open in textmate" on the google
bbedit list. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Here's my original post with the opposite script (which unfortunately
has a habit of locking textmate randomly every once in a while)


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