[TxMt] Speed of latex in TM vs. TexShop

Christopher Brewster C.Brewster at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Wed Oct 29 11:37:58 UTC 2008

I am a passionate devotee to TM but I notice that latex compiles much  
faster on TexShop than in TM.
Is there something I can do to improve the performance of TM?

TM takes 4-6  seconds to compile and display on skim.
TexShop takes 2-3 seconds.

Related to this is the question whether one can use a DVI viewer on  
the Mac instead of pdf in order to speed things up.
I ask all this because a colleague whom I persuaded to move to the Mac  
finds TM inordinately slow and wants to go back to Winedt on windows  
because she finds the speed unbearable.


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