[TxMt] Re: Bundle usage

Daniel Stockman daniel.stockman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 16:19:46 UTC 2008

> I am having trouble using some of my installed bundles, for example,  
> Cake. There are a number of tab triggers I am trying to use, but  
> when I type
> the sequence and press tab, nothing happens. This behavior seems  
> indicative
> of TextMate not knowing which bundle to use on the file being  
> edited, though
> the language association of "HTML (PHP Cake)" in the bottom toolbar is
> correct.

Not being a user of the PHP Cake bundle, can you verify (via ⌃⇧P)  
that your caret is in the correct scope for the snippets? If that is  
the case, then perhaps revert to default bundles[1] and reinstall?

[1]: http://wiki.macromates.com/Troubleshooting/RevertToDefaultBundles

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