[TxMt] Re: How do I tell TextMate to move the cursor one line down?

Tobias Pyndt Steinmann tobii at tobii.dk
Sun Oct 5 11:54:45 UTC 2008

Hi Hans-Jörg

Den 04/10/2008 kl. 18.25 skrev Hans-Jörg Bibiko:
> On 04.10.2008, at 18:12, Tobias Pyndt Steinmann wrote:
>> I am trying add a command to the R bundle that will send the
>> current line to the R GUI, in the same way the ESS for Emacs "Eval
>> line & step" command works.
> Before I start one question. Which R bundle do you are using? The
> 'normal' one or the Review bundles R, R Console (R.app), R Console
> (Rdaemon)?

I must say I have only used R for three weeks now as part of a course  
at my university, so I have not found my preferred workflow yet.
I am currently using the 'normal' R bundle, I just discovered the  
Console mode and your Rdaemon bundle. But I have not been able to find  
the above mentioned feature in non of them...

> And I forgot my second question ;)
> Why do you want to do it?

My current workflow is to write my script in a .R file and then  
execute the script or parts of it. I have used MATLAB a lot and this  
is the way I work in MATLAB.
With the 'normal' R bundle you can execute the entire script inside  
TextMate, send the entire script to the R GUI, or send a selection to  
the R GUI, but you cannot send the current line to R.
That is if you only want to execute one line you have to select the  
line, which requires more click/keyboard actions.
This is why I want to make a shortcut that send the current line to R  
and moves the cursor down to enable me to run the next line quickly.

It would also be nice to be able to do cells like in MATLAB: splitting  
the script into sections by two comment characters, and then run the  
cells independently.

But maybe it is my workflow that is the problem, how do you work with  
R in TextMate?

with best regards,
Tobias Pyndt Steinmann

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