[TxMt] Re: Subversion 1.5 "unknown revision commited" (set LANG=en_US if you match English text)

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Fri Oct 3 11:36:32 UTC 2008

> While it is still work in progress, it would be great to have a tester
> that does not use English as the default language, so if you’d be
> willing to run WIP code then you can svn switch to http://macromates.com/svn/Bundles/branches/Subversion%20(Interactive%20Input).tmbundle/

Are you sure this bundle is suppose to work with latest TM cutting  
edge 1.5.7 (1464)?
Support/bin/tmsvn.rb is doing:
   require ENV['TM_SUPPORT_PATH'] + '/lib/tm/process'

But there's nowhere lib/tm/process.rb at least not in my /Applications/ 

Anyway trying to open any interface of mentioned bundle have no effect  
at all.

Adam Strzelecki

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