[TxMt] Re: GetBundles - github naming convention

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Thu Oct 2 08:01:40 UTC 2008


sorry for bringing this up again.
I received many mails that GetBundles is a quite useful thing but on  
github you can find even more bundles.

Thus I'm just trying to get as much as possible tmbundles from github.

The convention to name a tmbundle as "foo.tmbundle" is fine and I  
found a method to get them.
What I'm doing now is to look for the following keywords: bundle,  
tmbundle, and textmate.
Up to now caused by github's search bug foo.tmbundles are only found  
if at least one of these keywords is mentioned within name or  
description. That's why it'd be useful to say something like that in  
the description: "bal foo TextMate bundle for bla..."

BUT there're roughly 20 useful bundles named like "foo TextMate  
Bundle" or "foo bundle" or "foo Tm Bundle" which makes it very hard to  
I found a way to parse them as well, but then the displayed name  
differs from the actual bundle name, and this could lead to some  
confusion I mean.

I believe to rename a github project is tricky but how about to create  
a new project, name it à la foo-tmbundle or foo.tmbundle, and copy the  
"old" project to that new project(?)

Furthermore there are also some bundles available on github which are  
hidden in the github project file hierarchy meaning foo/tree/master/ 
foo.tmbundle which I cannot download separately. Here I also would  
suggest the same create a new project.

This of course is only relevant if the author wants that his/her  
bundle should be found by GetBundles ;)

Up to now I'm able to find 128 github bundles that makes in total 331  
bundles! And 99% of them are extremely useful!

Any comments?



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