[TxMt] New "Unicode" bundle in the Review trunk

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Fri May 30 14:11:36 UTC 2008

Dear all,

there's a new bundle called "Unicode" in the review trunk. It is meant  
to be a place where we can gather any kind of scripts, commands, etc.  
which are related to general Unicode issue, meaning non-ASCII. This  
should also a place where we can gather scripts related to specific  
languages like Japanese, Chinese, Greek etc.
This bundle is the first stage. How do we separate this bundle is a  
future task.

Thus, if there is someone who already has such scripts or is willing  
to support, please let us/me know.

Up to now there are the following stuff in:

- Normalize according canonical (de)composition of accented characters
- Delete Diacritics: façadë έ だ => facade ε た
- Convert to a similar Unicode Character: type the letter 'c' to get a  
list of "cçćĉċčƈ¢ɕʗḉ⒞ⓒc¢"
- Convert to Greek Character: type 'n' to get "ν"
- Show Unicode Name: select some letters to get a list of the Unicode  

I have many other scripts, but I need some time to polish them up.

To get this bundle, simply use the Subversion Bundle's checkout


save this to the Desktop or whatever.

I know, to deal with non-ASCII scripts in TM 1.x is a bit tricky, but  
TM 2.0 will come ;)



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