[TxMt] Feature Request: Copy the content of a tooltip into the clipboard

Luke Daley ld at ldaley.com
Thu May 29 11:17:58 UTC 2008

On 29/05/2008, at 9:15 PM, Hans-Joerg Bibiko wrote:

> Well, this would work for specific commands, but I asked for a  
> general approach. Sometimes it would be nice to have the message of  
> any command shown as tool tip in the clipboard etc.
> OK. I know to find an event for this is very difficult.
> But how about an option in TM's preference:
> "Write the content of any tool tip to /tmp/TM_tooltip.txt"
> Then one could have a command à la "Get/Insert/Copy the content of  
> the last tooltip".
> This also could be done for the HTML output. There are some XXXmate  
> commands which have a button "Copy content". By using such an option  
> one inherits this automatically.
> But firstly, this is a question how often that functionality will be  
> used by other users

+1 if this means we can have a command that replays a tooltip. I find  
that often a tooltip appears and I didn't catch what it said.


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