[TxMt] AS3 Commenting Style

Gaby Vanhegan gaby at vanhegan.net
Thu May 22 17:22:00 UTC 2008

I recall this being discussed before but searching for the phrase  
"comments" on Google matches pretty much every blog out there, so no  

I wish to modify the commenting style in the AS3 bundle from this:

*	Comment in here, everything left aligned, huge tab in there!

To this:

  * Comment in here, one space before, not a tab after
  * Final line leaves all *'s nicely lined up

I have tried searching through the AS3 bundle for anything relating to  
comments but I must be looking in the wrong places.  It'll be some  
tiny tweak to a regex, I hope.  Can anyone point me in the right  

Many thanks!


Uganda Maximum - Enemy of the English Thrust

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