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Juan Falgueras jfalgueras at uma.es
Tue May 20 08:32:31 UTC 2008


trying to have a dynamic dict inside TM, I have build the next command

	dict "$TM_CURRENT_WORD" | enscript -Whtml -E -e --color  -p -

with Input: sel text or word, output html

but I only get a window with the message:

	enscript: malformed argument `html' for option -W, --option: no comma  

while the same command in Terminal do fine

	dict word | enscript -Whtml -E -e --color -p -

But if you put

	dict "$TM_CURRENT_WORD" | enscript --language=html -E -e --color  -p -

it works perfectly!  I feel curious about it.

Juan Falgueras Cano
Profesor Titular de la Universidad de Málaga

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