[TxMt] Double-click and option-arrow have started behaving strangely

Michael Glassford glassfordm at gmail.com
Wed May 14 17:02:34 UTC 2008

The behavior of double-click and option-arrow have recently changed for 
me (only in TextMate), and I'm finding the new behavior really annoying. 
For example, if I have the following Python code:

def my_function(parameter_name, defaults=None):
     #This is a test + another test ...

...then, 1) if I double-click on the "my" part of the function name, it 
select the string "def my"; 2) if I double-click on the word "test", it 
selects "This is a test ". Previously, #1 would have selected either 
"my" or "my_function" (I forget which) and, #2 would have selected only 
the word "test".

The option-left-arrow and option-right_arrow keys use similar "word" 
breaks when moving the cursor: if the cursor is in the word "test", for 
instance, option-left-arrow moves it to the beginning of the word "This".

It's not just a Python change, either. If I have the following text:

ALTER TABLE `my_table_name` MODIFY COLUMN `column_name` FLOAT NOT NULL;

...then double-clicking on the word "MODIFY" selects " MODIFY COLUMN ", 
for instance.

What might have changed to cause this annoying behavior, and how do I 
fix it?

I'd appreciate any suggestions,


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