[TxMt] Using tab to move out of parentheses (like eclipse) - help please! :)

Quine paradoxquine at gmail.com
Sat May 10 08:38:19 UTC 2008

Hey fellow textmates!

I'd really really like to replicate something like eclipse's ability to hit
tab to move outside parentheses. However, all I really want to do is be able
to hit tab to move from |) to )| outside parens, I don't really even need it
to work when the cursor isn't directly adjacent to the closing paren.

I know I can make ( trigger a snippet that does that, but then I lose all
the regular functionality. I thought perhaps one could define a scope
('within-parens') for all source code, and then there could be a command or
something that checks to see if the next char is a ) and if so advances the
cursor past it that'd only work in that scope.

More advanced functionality would be great but not really crucial. If anyone
could help with this I'd REALLY appreciate it!

Nicolas Artman
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