[TxMt] Lock files in project drawer

Christian maillists at gmx.de
Thu May 1 11:43:34 UTC 2008

Am 01.05.2008 um 12:30 schrieb Allan Odgaard:
> On 30 Apr 2008, at 18:13, Christian wrote:
>> When I work with new projects I often orientate on old ones.  
>> Therefore I include these old files in the project drawer within my  
>> new project. Often I copy something from the old ones. To prevent  
>> the old (original) files from being changed during that, is there  
>> way to lock it or give only rights for reading to it?
> You can make it non-writable from the shell or Finder, TextMate will  
> respect that.

I thought it would be possible to lock it only via TM within the  
actual project, so the the file when used with another program can be  

If this is not possible at the moment, maybe it is a nice feature for  
a TM 2?


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