[TxMt] Re: Non-contiguous selection

Patrick James pj002 at mac.com
Wed Jun 25 12:09:04 UTC 2008

Hello Allan

Thank you very much for your considered reply.

I have no knowledge of the functioning of TextMate, this ignorance  
brings a great freedom for me in that I could say that I would like to  
see this or that without worrying about context or consequences :)

I'm very new to TextMate and to a large extent I am still  
comprehending it. There is a tendency when people come to a new  
program to simply want that which they are used to but not see that  
which is new and perhaps make that which they are used to redundant. I  
might be guilty of this :)

I do have SmartyPants for BBEdit, which I got after I wrote that  
script I described in my example. However I'm very glad to see that  
SmartyPants can also be used with TextMate and I will check this out.

I am very used to having non-contiguous selection and, if you like,  
the 'Nisus implementation' because I used Nisus Writer and QUED/M for  
years. So it is something that seems as natural to me as, say, drag  
and drop.

Below you mention that you are preparing a feature which will allow  
further replacements in the results of 'find all' and that is a  
significant part of my request . If it works out it will be very much  

I am hugely enjoying finding out  the tremendous and unique  
capabilities of TextMate and I wish you all the best with it .


On 24 Jun 2008, at 23:24, Allan Odgaard wrote amongst other very good  

> Also, I have another feature coming in 2.0 which will allow you to
> effectively do the further replacements on the results of a ‘find
> all’ (so even w/o SmartyPants.pl, there will be a simple way to do
> the same).

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