[TxMt] Small Python annoyances

Julio Biason julio.biason at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 09:48:26 UTC 2008

Hi guys!

I bought TextMate a few days ago, but Python editing is giving me the creeps.

First, I disabled the Auto-pair characters option, but I still get the
closing parenthesis and colon when I create a function ("def"). It
ignores when I type the closing parenthesis, but it doesn't ignore the

Second, it seems TextMate get really confused when you follow PEP8: If
you use spaces instead of tabs, it doesn't do auto-indentation in the
next line. In the same issue, it seems TextMate uses tabs instead of
spaces (against the PEP8.)

Third, still in the PEP8-issues, I'm trying to find a way to make
hard-breaks when going beyond column 78. TextMate have soft-breaks,
but I'd really like to have it to automagically insert the break for
me (and add an indentation to the next line.)

Fourth, PyCheckMate doesn't understand when you do an indentation when
you do a hard-break and add the indentation (it complains about
"unexpected indent".)

I guess most of it is easily fixable messing with the Bundle, but I
still didn't grasp the whole concept of it. Any points would be really

Julio Biason <julio.biason at gmail.com>
Twitter: http://twitter.com/juliobiason

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