[TxMt] Turn off auto-indent? Or paste without indent?

Skye Poier Nott skye at f4.ca
Wed Jun 18 21:54:54 UTC 2008

Hello, been using TextMate for a few years now, a good record for my  
annoyance :)

I'm writing a lot of Python code now and since it uses whitespace for
blocks, every time I paste something after a function or class etc the
pasted text is indented at the level of the previous block when I want  
it to
be pasted the way it was copied.

This means every time I paste, I have to select the block I just  
pasted and
un-indent it hundreds of times every day...

Is there a command to turn off auto-indent?  like Cmd-something Cmd-V
Cmd-something so I can toggle it off when pasting in Python.

Or even better, some sort of macro like Cmd-Shift-V that would paste  


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