[TxMt] textmate and fortran

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Wed Jun 11 22:37:51 UTC 2008

On 7 Jun 2008, at 09:11, Praveen C wrote:

> In punchcard fortran, comments begin on first column with "c" or "C".
> Textmate does not indent them correctly. If I cut and paste some  
> existing
> comments, these get indented. I tried using
> unIndentedLinePattern = '^\s*[cC]\s*.*$';
> in "Indentation Rules" but it does not work. Can somebody help me  
> with this
> ?

I added your line to the Fortran indentation rules, then copied a  
commented line and pasted it where it would prior to adding your  
pattern, be indented, and it was no longer indented.

Perhaps you can include an example of what breaks for you?

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