[TxMt] tm_dialog question (maybe a feature request)

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Wed Jun 11 22:23:53 UTC 2008

On 6 Jun 2008, at 00:29, Trevor Squires wrote:

> after tinkering with tm_dialog for a plugin[1] I have come to really
> wish you could embed an 'html output' webview into a NIB.
> [...]

What functionality do you expect of such thing? The HTML output window  
is not much more than a WebView, no real API here. It is asked to load  
“tm-internal://«id»” which triggers a custom URL handler which is  
responsible for feeding the NSURLConnection with data from the command  

So if I understand your goal correctly, you would probably be much  
more interested in this custom URL handler.

E.g. when you want to execute a search, you open whatever window you  
defined in your nib containing just an instance of a WebView, and you  
bind the URL of this WebView so that you can ask it to load something  
like: tm-run-command:///usr/bin/find?arg1=.&arg2=-name%3D*.rb/ (just  
making up URL scheme for illustrative purposes).

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