[TxMt] Caching Undo-History?

Dennis dennis at screenlabor.de
Sat Jun 7 10:06:35 UTC 2008


is there/could there be a way to cache the undo-history in TM or  
future TM2 even after closing the programm?

Users of laptop computers who prefer the sleep mode instead of shuting  
down the computer will have the advantage to find their desktops/ 
workspaces just as they have left them, including undo histrories.

They will have the disadvantage that sleepmode will suck empty their  
batteries, especially when you have a lot of RAM installed. Also this  
is over the time lowering the life expectancy of your accu set.

Sometimes I only use sleep mode because I dont want to loose the  
changes that I have made in TM (code debugging most of the time)...
If Historie would be cached, I then have one reason less to worry  
about shutting down completely or not.

Id be happy if more programs could support such a behaviour, it is  
convenient and will save at least some resources and energy.

Thanks & sincere

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