[TxMt] Concatenating multiple Files

Joseph Pecoraro joepeck02 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 04:49:32 UTC 2008

Hey marios,

I wish I had more time to investigate this (I'm already up way, way  
too late) but this sounded like a great excuse for me to check out  
Ruby's Hpricot gem:

Install with:
sudo gem install hpricot

If you're comfortable with Ruby you can write a script that will loop  
through each of your html files and print out their content.  You can  
easily do some nifty stuff with the Hpricot ruby gem.  For starters I  
wrote this ruby script which you can open up in TextMate, change the  
DIR_PATH variable, and run with command+R to see what kind of output  
you would get. Note that in my script (linked below) I don't strip out  
a footer from each html file, that would take a pinch more work, take  
a look at (hpricot/path).remove function... so if they all have a  
#footer you can remove that before printing the body!)

There are some issues you'll have to look out for to end up with a  
"valid" html document in the end.  Make sure you don't reuse id's,  
don't have duplicate <script>s near the bottom of the page, the list  
goes on.  But I think you are aware of these issues.

If you had a shell script in mind I guess you could string together  
files with cat, but that won't strip out the headers/footers.  You  
could write a quick awk/sed script but this seems much less effective  
then using an HTML parser like Hpricot.

I hope this helps,
- Joe P

On Jun 5, 2008, at 11: 13AM, marios wrote:

> Hi,
> I often have some Project Folders with multiple HTML files.
> I need a Shell Script to concatenate them all together into one single
> file, to use in a command.
> Possibly to strip also Header and Body Tags.
> File names have consistent naming convention.
> Any Ideas ?
> regards, marios
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