[TxMt] New "Unicode" bundle in the Review trunk

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Thu Jun 5 21:24:29 UTC 2008


there are some more commands available:

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Furthermore I wrote some basic syntax highlighting stuff to display  
'no ASCII', 'no Latin', 'all combining diacritics' characters.

Most of the commands also support Unicode higher than U+FFFF.
[But be careful! Up to now TM 1 can display (more or less) these  
characters, but each char are in TM 1 two chars! If you place the  
caret in between and invoke a command TM will crash immediately! But  
TM 2 supports these chars ;) ]

I wrote a new Chinese Traditional <> Simplified Converter. It also  
converts characters > U+FFFF (Apple's not ;) ), and it show up all  
those characters which have more than one counterpart as snippets  
{A=B|C}. There's a command which shows a menu displaying B and C etc.  
to disambiguate (Apple does not do that).

All Unicode data are coming from the latest Unicode 5.1 and it's easy  
to upgrade.

Show Unicode Properties also shows all known information about  
Chinese/Japanese/Korean ideographs, like Radical, readings, Wubi Xing  
codes, etc. All these data are coming from Apple's Character Palette  
internals ;)
But I think about to integrate Unicode's UniHan database. This zip  
file (6MB) won't be part of that bundle. Anyone who wants to use it  
can download it (I will provide a command for that).

Last but not least I want to say thank you to Walter D?rwald who  
helped me a lot with the Python scripts.



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