[TxMt] Autocompletion (DIALOG2)

Joseph Pecoraro joepeck02 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 02:58:53 UTC 2008

> You should use the Subversion Bundle to check out http://macromates.com/svn/Bundles/branches/WIP/Tools/Dialog2/ 
>  ;
> save this to your hard disk; open it with XCode and compile it;  
> restart TM; look in the TM mailing list for examples how it works.
> --Hans

I've been looking for something like this.  I downloaded, compiled,  
and installed but I can't seem to find out how or what I have to do to  
activate it.  I searched the last few months on the mailing list  
(manually) and didn't find any pointers on how to use it.  I did  
actually find a trail of messages in April and March which included  
you (Hans) saying the following:

> Maybe it's worth to write a tiny manual for DIALOG2 ;)
> -- Hans

I haven't seen anything since then that may have been sort of like a  
HOWTO or where I can download some DIALOG2 commands people have made.   
I found a single pastie and video that look promising.

Most helpful has been the following hint at how to work with it:

Any updates or pointers/examples to get started with DIALOG2?

Joe P

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