[TxMt] Autocompletion

Teifion Jordan sarkalian at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 10:44:14 UTC 2008

I know that autocompletion exists in many bundles but requires you to  
push ecsape to get it up, is there a way to do the following with a  

Lets assume I am editing a PHP document and type "s", the bundle (or  
even better, TM2 ;)) looks up a list of function names and then  
outputs after the s, the first keyword in the list that starts with  
"s". However, that extra text is left as selected, if the user  
continues to type then they will overwrite the text (and it will alter  
it's guess accordingly) but if the user hits the relevant key, it  
leaves the selected text in place and puts the caret (I think that's  
the name) at the end of the word.

If it's not possible in a bundle, is there any chance of seeing  
something like it in TM2?



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