[TxMt] Suggested workflows AS3: Flash/Textmate

Alistair Colling alistair.colling at fpp.net
Mon Jun 2 16:07:26 UTC 2008

Gaby thanks :) this is great. I hadn't thought of putting my designs  
in symbols and then importing these from the SWF. I was trying to  
import the top-level of the SWF and lay everything out there but all  
I need to do is put this inside a movieclip so it appears in the  
Thanks again,

On 2 Jun 2008, at 16:21, Gaby Vanhegan wrote:

> On 2 Jun 2008, at 11:14, Alistair Colling wrote:
>> 1) Is there a way I can compile in Textmate that can incorporate
>> designs made in an FLA? I would like to be able to create interfaces
>> in Flash, create the SWF initially from the Flash IDE and then edit
>> all of my code in Textmate and compile from Textmate while I am
>> working. I'm aware that I can create library items and attach them
>> to the stage at runtime but I would like to be able to lay them out
>> in Flash as well. I was able to do this in AS2 when using MTASC but
>> when I compile using fcsh the content from the original SWF
>> (compiled from Flash) is overwritten.
> This works perfectly for me:
> package {
>         [Embed(source="file.swf",symbol="MyExportedSymbol")]
>         public class MyExportedSymbol extends Sprite {
>                 // Create a public var for each named clip in the  
> symbol's root
>                 // Standard constructor
>                 public function MyExportedSymbol ( ) : void {
>                 }
>         }
> }
> Then just build the application in TM.  mxmlc will pull in the
> appropriate symbol from the swf then any time you create a
> MyExportedSymbol object with:
> var ms:MyExportedSymbol = new MyExportedSymbol();
> If creates it with the asset from the .swf file you specified.  The
> gotcha will be that if you have a couple of clips in that symbol's
> root timeline you need to create public variables to hold them in the
> class definition.  For example if you have two clips dropped into it
> named ClipA and ClipB, you will need to have:
>         public var ClipA:Sprite;
>         public var ClipB:Sprite;
> As public variables of the class.
> Enjoy!
> G.
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