[TxMt] Suggested workflows AS3: Flash/Textmate

Alistair Colling alistair.colling at fpp.net
Mon Jun 2 15:14:41 UTC 2008

Simon, thanks so much for your detailed reply, I had seen some of  
these posts before but this has really helped me. Now I have managed  
to compile my SWFs from Textmate using fcsh and I am tracing in the  
Console it's great! I was using XTrace as you can colour your debug  
messages which is a nice way of differentiating between them though  
it isn't ported to AS3, I may do this if I get time.

I still have a couple of things I need to figure out:

1) Is there a way I can compile in Textmate that can incorporate  
designs made in an FLA? I would like to be able to create interfaces  
in Flash, create the SWF initially from the Flash IDE and then edit  
all of my code in Textmate and compile from Textmate while I am  
working. I'm aware that I can create library items and attach them to  
the stage at runtime but I would like to be able to lay them out in  
Flash as well. I was able to do this in AS2 when using MTASC but when  
I compile using fcsh the content from the original SWF (compiled from  
Flash) is overwritten.

2) Is there a way I can get Textmate to launch the SWF immediately  
after it is compiled?

Nice looking site btw, the helvector animations look great

Thanks for any advice,

On 29 May 2008, at 18:53, Simon Gregory wrote:

>> I would like to compile my AS3 SWFs direct from Textmate. At the
>> moment I am only building a single SWF as you would get if you
>> published from Flash.
> You could try the bundle help, or for a step by step intro on setting
> things up there's this:
> http://flashalisious.com/2007/07/30/installing-as3-and-flex-bundle- 
> for-textmate/
> and there's this to help you along with the bundle
> http://blog.iconara.net/2007/10/15/textmate-flex-tips-part-2/
>> I would like to be able to build my graphic assets in Flash then
>> write my code in Textmate and compile from Textmate and view my SWF
>> and trace using Xtrace.
> I've no experience using Xtrace, what does it offer over the console?
>> Could someone give me some pointers on how to do this, all of the
>> AS3 / Flex bundles seem to want to create a whole Flex application
>> not just the single SWF.
> A whole flex application is, in most cases, a single swf, so I'm not
> sure what you mean here? As soon as you move on to how to build using
> flex and as3 you shouldn't need to consider the IDE you are using.
>> If someone could also point me in the direction of a step-by step
>> tutorial for creating Flex Apps in textmate that would be super-
>> handy too as I would also like to learn this at some point.
> To the best of my knowledge there isn't anything specifically on the
> subject, I've spotted TextMate and the ActionScript 3 bundle being
> used in screen casts here (see the flash player 10 posts):
> http://www.gotoandlearn.com/index.php
> also by the same guy, and may help if you're wanting to publish using
> the Flash IDE - http://theflashblog.com/?p=376
> Cheers,
> Simon
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