[TxMt] Updated Search in Project with ack

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Mon Jun 2 10:20:34 UTC 2008

On May 27, 2008, at 7:09 PM, Daniel Stockman wrote:

>> I've updated my Search in Project with ack command.
> I've been unable to get this working on Leopard with cutting edge  
> TM, SVN updated Support, and freshly copied standalone version of  
> ack 1.84 chmodded +x and placed in ~/bin, which is the first entry  
> on my $PATH. I even tested it with a symlinked version at /usr/ 
> local/bin, but no dice.

I've updated the code (see http://github.com/melo/search-in-project- 
with-ack-tmcommand for the latest version) to allow you to set  
TM_ACK_COMMAND_PATH to the full path of the ack command.

I'm not a ruby programmer, but if someone can point me to the docs on  
how to catch errors of the popen call (http://github.com/melo/search- 
%20ack.tmCommand#L143) I'll include it.

There is an open TODO on this (http://github.com/melo/search-in- 

> Looking at the script, there is not secret "TM_*" variable in play,  
> any other suggestions? There are no conflicting keyboard shortcuts,  
> because I can get the window to show every time, even with the  
> currently searched for string, but absolutely no other result than  
> "No results".

Added, see above.

Best regards,

Pedro Melo
Blog: http://www.simplicidade.org/notes/
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