[TxMt] Problems with Rails Bundle and RakeMate

Sebastian Friedrich shfriedrich at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 20:27:39 UTC 2008

Lately, i've been experiencing various issues with the Rails Bundle:

- none of the generator tasks (controllers, models, migrations etc.) 
work anymore. I just get an empty confirmation window and the tasks are 
not run.

- when running any rake tasks, i get "stack level too deep" errors:. 
For insatnce, here's the output from "Migrate to current" command:

RakeMate r6193

rake aborted! stack level too deep (See full trace by running task with 
--trace) (in /Library/WebServer/railsapps/sparkle)

Rake tasks and generator tasks work perfectly fine from the command line.

I'm using current Rails Bundle from trunk, but also tried the one that 
came with the lastest TM release. I'm running on Leopard, Ruby 1.8.6; 
projects are Rails 2.0.2, but it also seems to happen with Rails 1.2 

Any ideas? Thanks.


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