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Tench psychomachine at mac.com
Mon Jan 21 13:21:23 UTC 2008

It's a known problem -- TextMate unfortunately can't display Unicode  
combining diacritics.


21.01.2008., в 13.48, Decolores написал(а):

>> Dear Sir, I use a keyboard mapping to write spanish accents in latex.
>> This is a development made for Juan L. Verona, http://www.unirioja.es/cu/jvarona/TeXkeylayout.html
>> This help me to share latex files without the use of inputenc  
>> package.
>> The code for this keymap is joined in a file down this mail.
>> I have tried with several applications in Mac OS X and works fine.  
>> For example, this sentence with Mail.app,
>> -- "El avi\'on sol\'{\i}a volar bajo el a\~no pasado" (El avión  
>> solía volar bajo el año pasado)--
>> Nevertheless, in TexMate the same sentence will be like this
>> "El avinn sol\'{\i}a volar bajo el a\~no pasado"
>> Accent followed by a vocal different of "i"  doesn't do the  
>> secuence "\'o" for example.
>> It seems something  particular of the TexMate application. Anyone  
>> know why this is happening?
>> Thanks you very much for your help
>> Pablo L.
> <TeX-7bits-spanish.keylayout>
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