[TxMt] Fortran asterisk comments

Stefan Duret sduret at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 19:34:41 UTC 2008


In the Fortran bundle, there doesn't appear to be any support for  
comment lines beginning with an asterisk, only for comments beginning  
with C or c. I have tried to add this in to the language but I am  
quite unfamiliar with how to do this properly and am I not very  
familiar with regular expressions.  I tried adding the following in  
the bundle editor (using comment.line.c.fortran as an example) but it  
still does not recognize lines beginning in * as comments. Any help  
would be appreciated.

		{	name = 'comment.line.asterisk.fortran';
			begin = '^[*]';
			end = '$\n?';
			beginCaptures = { 0 = { name =  
'punctuation.definition.comment.fortran'; }; };
			patterns = ( { match = '\\\s*\n'; } );



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