[TxMt] LaTeX - opening PDFs

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 12:12:08 UTC 2008

On Jan 11, 2008, at 6:49 AM, Robin Houston wrote:

> On 10/01/2008, Charilaos Skiadas <cskiadas at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Heh, I'm not messing with that command, it's in Pytrhon ;). I'll dig
>> through it when I have a moment, but if someone with more python-foo
>> can fix that quicker, that would be great.
> How about the attached patch then?

Since I cannot reproduce the problem here, I can't say if this works  
or not, but I submitted it and hope someone can tell us if it worked  
or not. I do keep getting those beeping sounds I told you about.  
Brad, can you think of anything in texMate.py that could cause the  
system to beep, but without showing anything in the console? It  
happens to me whenever the file is already open in the viewer, and I  
ask for a recompile. I do also get this error:

There was a problem reading the preferences file, continuing with  

But that shows up always, while the beeping is there only when the  
file is already open in say Skim.

Also, focus doesn't seem to switch to Skim.

> Robin
> <texmate.patch>

Haris Skiadas
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hanover College

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