[TxMt] Ruby help (ri) lookup frustrated by duplicated entries

Fritz Anderson fritza at manoverboard.org
Wed Jan 9 17:33:21 UTC 2008

Doing a ⌃H document lookup in a Ruby on Rails file won't lead me to  
the desired documentation. Instead, the lookup disambiguation menu  
loops infinitely.

This is, I assume, a problem with my Ruby installation, but it  
particularly bites me in TextMate, and I hope someone here can point  
me to a solution. I am running Ruby 1.8.6 (supplied with Leopard),  
Rails 1.2.6 (supplied with Leopard), ri 1.0.1 - 20041108, and TextMate  
1.5.7 (1455). I am not aware of having installed any additional Ruby  
or Rails.

If I type "delete" in a Ruby on Rails document, and press ⌃H to look  
it up in the documentation, I find among the many choices  
"ActiveRecord::Base::delete". Selecting that does not produce the  
documentation window, but shows a second context menu containing:

	ActiveRecord::Base::delete	1
	ActiveRecord::Base::delete_all	2
	ActiveRecord::Base::delete	3
	ActiveRecord::Base::delete_all	4

Selecting one of these simply reopens the menu, and I'm stymied. I  
can't get my documentation.

"ri delete" on the command line produces a list in which every entry  
is duplicated. Refining to ActiveRecord::Base::delete shows
      ActiveRecord::Base::delete, ActiveRecord::Base::delete_all,
      ActiveRecord::Base::delete, ActiveRecord::Base::delete_all
… and once again, I'm stymied. That's why I conclude it's a Ruby/ 
Rails installation problem. I'm not experienced enough to trace it.

Can anyone offer/point me to a fix?

	— F

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