[TxMt] Objective-C Bundle

Joachim Mårtensson joachimm at etek.chalmers.se
Mon Jan 7 12:53:25 UTC 2008

> Hi Joachim and TextMate peoples
> I've had a look at the WIP Objective-C and C bundles and firstly a
> question:
> - Why does the Singleton template create an Objective-C++ implementation
> file - file extension is .mm? Also it might be preferable to use Apple's
> "recommended" singleton implementation:
> http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/CocoaFundamentals/CocoaObjects/chapter_3_section_10.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40002974-CH4-SW32

To the best of my knowledge I have made any changes to this, I do not
personally use the templates. Perhaps someone else can reply?
> - The help is a lot better without the side frame.
The help uses a standard template which I assume is used for all markdown
docs, I guess it can be switched somehow.
> These next points are just stuff I've noticed in the current Objective-C
> bundle:
> - Underscores in implementation and interface files aren't supported. (eg.
> "@interface TestCoreData_AppDelegate : NSObject" - "AppDelegate" will not
> be
> highlighted).
This seems like a regexp bug that should be easy to fix. Thanks for
bringing it to my attention. Will fix asap.
> - "Reformat Method Call" is a really good tool for keeping code tidy, but
> there are some problems with indenting that makes it less worthwhile.
> An example is the following code call (imagine I've just hit control-Q to
> reformat and the NSWindow call is all nice an indented)
> isHidden = YES;
> mainWindow = [[NSWindow alloc] initWithContentRect:windowRect
> styleMask:NSTitledWindowMask|NSMiniaturizableWindowMask|NSResizableWindowMask
>                                            backing:NSBackingStoreBuffered
>                                              defer:NO
>                                             screen:[NSScreen
> mainScreen]];<caret>
> 1. Pressing enter/return on the last line will continue on the next line
> directly under "screen:..." - this is fine and expected.
> 2. Getting back to normal indent (aligned with "mainWindow" and
> "isHidden")
> requires pressing backspace 11 times. Note that if you hit tab at anytime
> you will be catapulted under "screen:" and have to start again.
> Is there anyway around this in the syntax file or would this require
> changes
> to how TextMate auto-indents?
I do not think messing with the indent/dedent patterns are going to help.
I actually had a conversation with Allan about this a few months ago since
it annoys me as well, he had a few ideas for 2.0 if I recall correctly. A
command to do this would involve both code and adding scopes to the syntax
grammar (unless I am mistaken about the auto-indent behaviour).
> -
> I do feel a little guilty making these assessments because some of this
> stuff I imagine would be trivial to update. If I were to create some
> patches, what is the protocol for getting them to people for review? Can I
> just email, or should I post them to this mailing list first?
The bundle developers hang out in ##textmate (two #) IRC channel at
freenode.net. Also check out the dev list. You are more than welcome to
submit patches.

Joachim Mårtensson

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