[TxMt] Converting dense XML to easy-to-read form?

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Tue Jan 1 01:19:48 UTC 2008


On Dec 28, 2007, at 4:46 AM, Eric O'Brien wrote:

> I am not *writing* XML files, but I often want to understand one --  
> either just for education or because I need to modify it.
> Often the file in question was automatically generated and "ease of  
> reading by humans" was not part of the process.

The Tidy command of the XML bundle does format the XML snippets I  
give it.

xmllint --format - < in_file.xml > out_file.xml

does what you want. I think it is what the XML tidy command uses.

Best regards,

> Right now, I trying to pull apart a XML file where a single element  
> contains about 90 attributes.  Thankfully, they *do* seem to be  
> ordered alphabetically, but they are all run together in a single  
> line.  That is, there are no linefeeds between attributes.  Which  
> would be just what I'd like (for readability anyway -- I'm hoping  
> that "white space is white space and it won't matter whether those  
> white-spaces are space characters or line feeds).
> For this file, using Find and Replace seems to work.  (Find  
> <doublequote><space> replace with <doublequote><newline>).  I don't  
> know enough about XML to know if it always going to be as easy as  
> that.
> The XML bundle item "Tidy" actually runs xmllint, but I don't see a  
> way to make that do what I want.
> Searching Google on "XML pretty print" I came up with a number of  
> hits, but many bits of code were from the year 2000 or so.
> Does anyone know of any... contemporary solutions?  Or have other  
> suggestions/ideas?
> Thanks!
> eo
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