[TxMt] which version control system to take?

Oktay Acikalin ok at ryotic.de
Fri Feb 29 17:41:25 UTC 2008

Am 29.02.2008 um 18:32 schrieb Gerd Knops:

> On Feb 29, 2008, at 11:18 AM, Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> On 29 Feb 2008, at 17:07, Thomas Aylott - subtleGradient wrote:
>>> Although I've been trying to move to Mercurial or Git for quite a  
>>> while, I would most highly recommend Subversion for what you have  
>>> in mind.
> Not sure I agree. With subversion, unless you have access to the  
> server, you can't do version control. That precludes offline working.
> For that very reason I have been using darcs. It allows me to do  
> version control locally, and push the changes out to a server  
> whenever I want/can.
> Now darcs has some rough edges and I would not necessarily recommend  
> it, though it works fine for me. Like others I have not yet found  
> the time to check out Mercurial or Git, which I think offer similar  
> features for offline work.

we are using mercurial for our php framework. it works great but is a  
little harder to understand in the first place. being able to do local  
version control is a big win, i think. we also think about moving all  
our projects from svn to mercurial around next summer...
svn is great. but mercurial is better with merging things, which we do  
from time to time.

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