[TxMt] User authentication when pushing in Mercurial bundle

Allan Odgaard throw-away-2 at macromates.com
Wed Feb 27 08:41:40 UTC 2008

On 26 Feb 2008, at 16:06, Fred B wrote:

> [...]
> Username and password are asked interactively on the command line, I  
> can't see an easy way to include this functionality in the bundle.  
> If someone have an idea or a patch, feel free to contact me.

Luke Daley just checked in some code under Review/Tools which allow a  
process to monitor when the monitored process reads from stdin  
(actually, it brings up a requester as it is now).

The intent of the code is to have a generalized way to let scripts run  
via the ScriptMate derivatives be able to read from stdin (and prompt  
the user), but I think this will work quite well for learning when hg,  
svn, git, etc. prompts the user for name/password.

In the Subversion bundle there is code that tries to learn this based  
on the output text from svn, but it is flakey at best.

While we will start by having commands manually use this code, I  
imagine this will eventually just be an(other) input source for  

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