[TxMt] Re: revision control and academic workflow

John Laudun jlaudun at mac.com
Tue Feb 19 13:31:21 UTC 2008

Dear Chris,

You're not alone, and I enjoyed reading your note and Haris' reply. I  
seem to be in a similar situation to you. I too am an academic, though  
I am in the humanities. I occasionally think about just going "all  
LaTeX" but I am held in check by the fact that I would be the only  
using it in my field, in my department, in my building. I too have  
settled on a workflow built around MultiMarkdown because of its  
readability, its text file nature, and because it outputs such  
beautiful looking documents when you pass it through a CSS of your  

I currently rely on other apps for my backup, but I have really longed  
for a svn set up, because I really would like the finer-grained  
control. With the switch to Leopard, I'm thinking of trying to make  
the push sometime soon, so please keep at least me posted on what you  
learn and how to do these things. (Jacob is laughing somewhere that I  
still haven't done this -- I tried this past summer to get an svn up  
and running, but I just didn't have the time to dedicate to what was a  
project in and of itself.)


John Laudun
Department of English
University of Louisiana – Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70504-4691
laudun at louisiana.edu

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