[TxMt] RE : tooltip preview of LaTeX equations

baptiste auguie bapt_4510 at yahoo.fr
Sat Feb 9 12:56:09 UTC 2008

A while ago i submitted to the list this idea of using
jsMath to get an instant preview of LaTeX formulas in
the form of html tooltips. I'm not a programmer so i
won't be able to do it myself, but i reckon there is
some interest on such a tool, and it looks easily
doable if you know TM's syntax (which, sadly, i


Best wishes,


> > De: Allan Odgaard <throw-away-2 at macromates.com>
> À: TextMate users <textmate at lists.macromates.com>
> Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 07:42:38 +0100
> Objet: Re: [TxMt] LaTeX equation tooltip preview
> On 9 Dec 2007, at 12:17, baptiste auguie wrote:
> > I've always been slightly jealous of emacs' auctex
> > mode with previewing of images and equations in a
> TeX
> > document. I understand the issue of dealing with
> fancy
> > fonts in a source editor, but would it be possible
> to
> > create a preview of parts of the code in the form
> of
> > tooltips?
> The Dialog 2, presently in the WIP branch at the
> repository, allows  
> you to show HTML tool tips, so this would make it
> possible.
> And the idea indeed sounds very good.

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