[TxMt] LaTeX Bundle question

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Thu Feb 7 13:18:07 UTC 2008

Forgot to paste the URL:

Jeroen van der Ham wrote:
> Geoff Vallis wrote:
>> Thats a fair enough point. It is just that recently I've been working 
>> on a very long document that doesn't split conveniently into chunks 
>> less than 50 pages, more in places, and it needs to be repeatedly 
>> typeset because I make lots of errors when typing math equations (duh).
> In that case, why not try LaTeXiT ?
> I ran across it last night, never really used it, but its description 
> sounds like just the thing you need:
>> LaTeXiT is a little utility designed to quickly typeset LaTeX 
>> equations and drag'n drop them into other applications. Its included 
>> service also allows to type and transform equations directly in most 
>> text editors.
> Jeroen.
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