[TxMt] Using textmate for php development

Mitch Design - M. van der Griendt michael at mitchdesign.nl
Sun Dec 21 13:39:48 UTC 2008


I am a website developer using php for my projects, along with the  
CodeIgnitor php framework.
This works great, especially along with Transmit for ftp connectivity,

There is one missing link I'm looking for. It would be super great if  
there was a way to browse a
project's classes. I know of the CodeBrowser plugin, but that is for  
the file you are editing.
The function / code block selecter in TM's status bar is also very  
good but again only for 1 file.

Does anybody know of an application that does a good view of classes /  
methods / variables
in a multi-file php project? I like TM so much because of its speed  
and "Mac feel".. I don't want
to switch to a big, clunky, slow IDE! So I'm looking for the "Mac  
like" way in the middle.

Well, if anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.

A very happy holiday wish to everyone in the TM and Mac community!

Michael, Haarlem, The Netherlands

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