[TxMt] 5 Markdown Bundle Bugs

Oliver Taylor olivertaylor at me.com
Wed Dec 10 07:02:02 UTC 2008

So maybe my last email (pasted below) was poorly worded. I'll try again...

I've found 3 highlighting bugs and 2 export bugs in the Markdown
bundle. I'd fix them myself but the Markdown Bundle's kung-fu is too
much for me to handle.

Highlighting Bugs

1. Raw code nested inside blockquotes require indentation by
   two tabs, not one.
2. Same rule applies to lists.
3. Reference-style links should allow titles to be listed on
   the next line, indented with as many tabs as you'd like.

All three of these are *just* highlighting bugs, they export to HTML just fine.

Export to HTML bugs

1. Raw code nested inside blockquotes is incorrectly exported
   with two leading spaces inside the pre/code tags.
2. According to Markdown syntax, reference-style link's titles
   are allowed to be inside single-quotes.

And that's it. If you need an example to paste into TextMate see here:



On Fri Dec 5 at 20:55:31 Oliver Taylor wrote:

> I was playing with Markdown (yeah I'm that kind of nerd) and I ran
> into the following bugs:
> This message is also on pastie in case the list strips tabs:
> http://pastie.textmate.org/private/tetzlcuww7rmb8jkcff4ia
> - - -
>  > This text is indented from the bracket ">" by one tab
>  > (which is allowed in Markdown) and is mis-highlighted
>  > by TextMate as a nested code block.
>  >   If, however, I indent by 4 spaces TextMate highlights
>  >   this correctly.
>  > When blockquote-nested code blocks, like this paragraph, are
> processed into HTML they include two spaces at the beginning of the
> code block.
>    * Code blocks in lists must also be indented by 2 tabs.
>  This should be highlighted as code.
>  Processing this to HTML works as expected, and does not
>  include the blockquote's "2 space" bug.
> - - -
> [Links](http://example.com) can be [written][foo] a number of
> [different ways][bar].
> [foo]: http://example.com
>  "This line begins with 2 tabs. It is highlighted as code, but
> processes as a title (as it should)"
> [bar]: http://example.com 'single quoted titles don't highlight or
> process, but should be allowed according to the Markdown syntax'
> Is there a specific reason single-quote titles aren't allowed?
> - - -
> Also, shouldn't links like this <http://example.com> be scoped as
> `string.other.link.markdown` or something so that they highlight like
> every other kind of link?
> - - -
> Thanks for indulging me.
> --oliver

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