[TxMt] ar misbehaves in bundle command

Sol Foster colomon at ralf.org
Thu Dec 4 12:16:22 UTC 2008

I'm a new TextMate user trying to write a simple bundle command to launch my g++
builds from TextMate.  Leaving out the stuff to HTMLify the results (which
doesn't seem to make a difference to this bug), it looks like this:


Where build.sh is a script which calls make on a series of makefiles, checking
the result each time.  It works fine if I call it from the command line.  But
when I trigger the command in TextMate, the compiles work fine, but ar calls
("ar crv") to build the library fail pretty consistently with errors like this:

    ld: in ../hw_nmtlib_core.a(__debug_frame), not a valid archive member 

The error is apparently in the .a file, as executing build.sh from the command
line will still generate the error, until you force it to regenerate the .a file.

I'm hoping someone has an idea what might be going on here, because TextMate
will be a dream if I can get this working properly.


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