[TxMt] Includes?

Patrick James pj002 at mac.com
Wed Aug 27 23:32:50 UTC 2008


I'm not as proficient with text editors as many on this list.

BBEdit has a very handy thing called "Includes"

The easiest way for me to describe them is simply to copy and paste  
from BBEdit help:

       An include file, or just an "include," is a special form of  
       whose substitution happens to be the contents of another file.  
If you
       have used C or certain other programming languages, you may  
already be
       familiar with the concept. Using includes, you can reuse  
standard bits
       of text content or HTML markup in several templates or clippings
       entries without having to revise all of those individual files  
       you revise the included text.
Apologies for not only mentioning BBEdit but pasting in something from  
the help :)

The reason I want to use includes like this now is that I have quite a  
large web-site which uses PHP includes a lot.

I have been asked to put this web-site on a CD and of course the  
problem is that a CD doesn't have any PHP.

So, as you have probably guessed, I need to convert the web-site  
changing all the PHP includes into the actual chunks of HTML in the  
files supplying those PHP includes.

I know that with BBEdit I would do a find/replace changing the PHP  
includes in BBEdit includes and do it that way.

However I haven't used BBEdit for quite a while now because I tend  
always to use TextMate now of course.

I'm wondering if I can do this in TextMate?

I've been doing searches through the excellent "TextMate: Power  
Editing for the Mac" with "includes" and "placeholders" but it doesn't  
turn up a description of something similar.

Thank you for any assistance you can give.



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