[TxMt] Design/style advice for Ruby move 1.8 -> 1.9?

Charles Turner vze26m98 at optonline.net
Mon Aug 25 16:08:11 UTC 2008

Hi all-

I'm monkeying with the Ruby and Support bundles to get them to work 
with Ruby 1.9, and have found an issue that would profit from some 
advice, aside from my general newness to Ruby and TextMate.

I've got Ruby 1.9 installed in /usr/local, so from the command line, 
it's pretty easy to invoke the stock Leopard 1.8.6 with 
"/usr/bin/ruby". MacRuby, which interests me greatly, is another issue. 
I don't know if it plans to stay as "MacRuby" or not. (I'd guess "yes" 
for the foreseeable future.)

For a while, I regarded the static TextMate variable TM_RUBY as an easy 
way to specify which Ruby I wanted running under TextMate. However, 
I've noticed it will affect the "Run" (^R) command, but has no effect 
on "Update Markers" (Shift-command-^E). I assume this is because the 
rcodetools xmpfilter.rb file begins with "#!/usr/bin/env ruby", which 
has the effect of overriding TM_RUBY.

I grep'ed and found 38 (varied) occurences of "#! ruby" in the Ruby 
bundle, and another 10 occurences in the Support bundle. Some of these 
are under the direct control of TextMate programmers and contributors, 
but others, such as rcodetools, represent a library for a wider 
user-base than just TextMate.

So what to do? I imagine the smart folks on this list are aware of the 
issue, but it's perhaps not a front-and-center item just yet. I'd 
appreciate whatever thoughts exist on the subject, as I'm likely to 
make changes, but wish to do so in a generally useful fashion.

Thanks, Charles

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