[TxMt] run_script.rb

Charles Turner vze26m98 at optonline.net
Mon Aug 25 00:16:36 UTC 2008

In Ruby.tmbundle/Support/RubyMate, when I run the file "test.rb" using 
the command-R key combination in TextMate, the HTML window produces:

`block in ': undefined method `map' for "that\xE2\x80\x99s 
nice\n":String (NoMethodError) from /Library/Application 

...plus the call chain.

When I rename the file to "bigfoo.rb", command-R functions correctly, 
although I get some method errors as part of the HTML display; a 
different issue.

Line 65 of run_script.rb, and also line 92 ("out.join"), seem to be 
expecting an Array, but my printing out the class of the argument "str" 
indicates it's a string.

As I said, I'm a newbie to Ruby, so I'm not really confident of my 
analysis here. One could change "str.map" to "str.each_line", but then 
I'm not sure what to do with "out.join", unless it's simply to return 
"out" at that point.

Or maybe I'm completely off-base.

Best, Charles

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