[TxMt] LaTeX math mode delimiters

Keith Penrod keith.penrod at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 17:07:24 UTC 2008

The syntax highlighting for LaTeX math mode is very good.  I have  
noticed, however, a discrepancy in the way the highlighting and the  
automatic delimiters are treated.  I mean, normally typing a $ will  
automatically generate a second one (after the cursor) to end the math  
mode.  However, I have found that this fails when a command in math  
mode spans multiple lines.  That is, if there is a hard return in math  
mode, then the delimiters behave incorrectly eventhough the syntax  
highlighting is correct.

Here's an example:
$math stuff
that spans two lines$ when I put a $ here it thinks I'm closing the  
math mode from the first dollar sign on this line of code rather than  
thinking I'm starting a new math mode.

Keith Penrod

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