[TxMt] Re: public SVN for bundles?

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Thu Aug 14 07:52:04 UTC 2008


regarding to this issue I have a remark.

What's about all these TextMate bundles somewhere in the internet?
For instance by accident I found very interesting Bundles like the  
MultMarkdown Bundle by Fletcher Penney or the Snipplr Bundle.
But how can a user know that all these Bundles exist?
My dream would be if a user wrote a bundle s/he simply uploads this  
bundle or at least uploads a link to a macromates location in order to  
share it with the entire TM community. The GetBundles bundle could be  
modified in such a way easily to list these bundles as well.

E.g. one gathers only the direct link to a TM bundle:


one could write a script which parses these archives to get info.plist  
containing the name, description etc.



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