[TxMt] Scrollbar bug

Morten Skyt m at mortenskyt.com
Sat Aug 9 08:47:41 UTC 2008


I tried sending this a week ago to the mailing list through that
webinterface, Nabble, but as there was no responses, I recon it didn't come
through, so here I try again:

I just noticed a peculiar bug with the scrollbars when browsing the
database. Apparently, the resizing of the window often causes some of the
scrollbars to be either fully or partially hidden. I've tried searching the
posts through nabble.com and it didn't seem this issue was debated, but as
this is my first time here, I apologize if I was wrong...

I've recorded a little video which demonstrates the bug. Textmate is build


Morten Skyt
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