[TxMt] Re: mate command broken after security update 2008-005

silverdr at inet.com.pl silverdr at inet.com.pl
Mon Aug 4 16:48:25 UTC 2008

On 2008-08-04, at 13:26, Tony Crockford wrote:

>>> mate . works fine (in a sensible directory) but still goes
>>> unresponsive if I invoke it at /~ (which is probably a daft idea!)
>> I confirm. The same here. Daft or not daft, this is not The Right
>> Thing to react so on daft ideas of the user ;-)
> but it did eventually open it (on my Mac Pro)  and given that my home
> folder contains nearly 700 thousand items (227GB), I think it fair
> that TM goes and sulks for a bit.

Well - provided that it _has to_ scan the whole dir structure upon  
startup. Has it? You waited on the Mac Pro while on a G4 I couldn't  
wait long enough. If that is because of scanning the whole directory  
tree - wouldn't it be better to scan on as-needed basis? Better both  
for startup time and memory usage?

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