[TxMt] Re: Why multi-line commenting for Java bundle?

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Sun Aug 3 01:04:15 UTC 2008

On Aug 1, 2008, at 4:23 PM, Trevor Harmon wrote:

> Hi all,
> Normally, when you execute the Comment Line command, it inserts a
> single-line comment (e.g., // in C). That's true for Python, Ruby, C/ 
> C+
> +, Objective-C, shell scripts, you name it... but not Java. For some
> reason the Java bundle inserts multi-line comments (/* ... */). This
> leads to problems when trying to uncomment lines. For example:

This has been fixed in the current version of the bundle, it might be  
enough to update to latest version of cutting-edge in preferences, or  
you might have to checkout the bundle manually. (Or just wait for the  
next cutting-edge release)


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