[TxMt] Problem with pdfsync in LaTeX with Skim and Textmate

Yaniv Stopnitzky yaniverse at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 14:08:00 UTC 2008

Dear community,

I am newly trying out Textmate,  which I intend to use primarily with  
LaTeX, with the hopes of possibly switching permanently from my  
current text editor, TexShop.  But I cannot get either the forward or  
backward search function of pdfsync to operate with Skim, my  
preferred viewer.

I have already done the following:

1) Selected Skim as my viewer in the Textmate preferences.

2) Selected "View in Skim" from the LaTeX preferences in Textmate.

3) Synced (from inside Skim preferences) with Textmate.

4) Put the pdfsync.sty file in \user\texmf\tex\latex

5) Inserted the \usepackage{pdfsync} in my document.

6) Attempted forward search with "shift-command-click" and backward  
search with "Show in Viewer (pdfsync)".

Interestingly, the .pdfsync file, which is full of numbers that  
describe the document geometry, is created in the current  
directory... my understanding is these numbers are what is used to  
locate one's position in forward and backward search.  But the  
functionality is certainly missing.

(Note: I am trying to run all these programs on a PowerPC-based  
Powerbook G4.)

Any assistance in resolving this issue would be GREATLY appreciated.   
I have scoured the internet and discussion groups in search of an  
answer, but I cannot seem to fix this error.

Thanks in advance,

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